Petrozene™ is made from a byproduct of recycled scrap tires. This is considered a renewable resource as they would otherwise be landfilled. the process that creates Petrozene helps reduce the worldwide problem that petroleum waste products pose to our environment every year. This makes Petrozene one of the only “green” products on the market that can thoroughly dispose of paraffins and asphaltenes. But it is still a petroleum-based product, so it will not contaminate the oil reserve or stored crude to which it is being applied. This solves the environmental hazards that various petroleum waste products pose to the environment

It is estimated that 300 million tires are scrapped each year. Tire stockpiles create a great health and safety risk. Tire fires can occur easily, burning for months, creating substantial pollution in the air and ground. An additional health risk, tire piles provide harborage for vermin and a breeding ground for mosquitoes that may carry diseases. Illegal dumping of scrap tires pollutes ravines, woods, deserts, and empty lots; which has led many states to pass scrap tire regulations requiring proper management.