About Petrozene™

Petrozene™ is a a unique blend of organic compounds combined with specialized solvents developed from renewable resources that has been shown to positively affect many aspects of the oil and gas industry; from production and storage to end-cycle refinement.  The formulation and base chemical constituency is unique to Petrozene.

Petrozene Primary Uses
Petrozene™ is a proprietary solvent proven to dissolve and inhibit paraffin and asphaltene build-up. Prevents and eliminates buildup of paraffins and asphaltenes in rail cars, tanker trucks, barges, tubing, flowlines, lead lines, treaters, stock tanks, pipelines, pumps & separators.
Petrozene™ is a one-step process that dissolves the built-up materials and converts them from a waste into saleable products for additional revenue. Also used for down hole applications to reduce build up in pipe and increase yield.

Used as an additive, Petrozene™ provides a cost-effective solution for dealing with tanker sludge, paraffin problems, storage tank maintenance, and more.  Petrozene™ is hydrocarbon-based allowing for a non-contaminating use in many aspects of the oil and gas production and refinement.

Product Features

  • Reduced Clean-Up Cost: Petrozene™ significantly reduces clean-up costs by dissolving and inhibiting paraffin and asphaltene build up without the need for human assistance, the application of external heat, or steam cleaning.
  • Improved Safety: By eliminating the need for personnel entry into a confined space, Petrozene results in a much safer tank cleaning process.
  • Refinery Ready End Product: The end product is pipeline or refinery-ready petroleum crude or other hydrocarbon feedstock. Due to its similar nature to oil, it is not necessary to clean out Petrozene™ from the final product before sale.
  • Disposal Cost Converted to Revenue: The final crude or other product can be discharged with the dissolved paraffins, asphaltenes and Petrozene™, converting what would have been waste into a saleable product.
  • Effective at Low Temperatures: Petrozene™ has been shown to be effective in applications with temperatures as low as 0o
  • Renewable Product: The basic feedstock for Petrozene is scrap tires, a renewable resource. Therefore, Petrozene™ provides a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional solvents due to the recycled portion of the product.